Jarvis Dooney Gallery

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Jarvis Dooney Galerie presents a thematically curated programme of contemporary photography and photo media, with a focus on artists from Australia and New Zealand. Representing both established and emerging artists, the gallery also hosts artists talks and presentations, providing a platform for cultural exchange between Germany and Oceania. Jarvis Dooney has a history of promoting [...] Continue Reading

ABCD Agency


* Awareness  * Credibility * Branding * ABCD is a young PR Agency based in Berlin committed to the above 3 pillars through SEO, public relations and content creation: We are committed to providing a transparent performance-based PR service with one goal in mind: to increase brand awareness and scale your online visibility. At ABCD, [...] Continue Reading

Katharina Louise

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I grew up closely connected with art and culture, learning the value of asking questions, observing and standing up for the right cause. The last three years I have spent traveling around the world, mainly North- Central- South America and Asia, learning about shamanism, yoga & meditation. I have tried to capture and document a lot of the [...] Continue Reading