Indigenous Web Round-Up

Each week Sinchi shares some of the most interesting articles and news from the indigenous world. A mixture of old and new but all worth checking out.

Weekly Round Up – 17th November 2016.


Amsterdam stands with Standing Rock

Being based in Amsterdam we felt it was about time to publish something about our hometowns’ solidarity with Standing Rock.

Our good friends from Indigenous Movement organized a peaceful protest-walk last week in, in correspondence with the leadership of the elders at the prayer camps,  walking from the building of one of our local ‘Pipeline-sponsors’ to an inner-city square..

And how can you support? Look out on FB and the web for local events in your city to show your support and other actions you can take can be viewed here.

How a fstanding-rock-1ight against the Black Snake at Standing Rock formed a global community’

“I remember this elder, years ago,he had a dream where there would be a town where it’s all Natives and we would be singing and dancing and laughing and eating and visiting with each other” Linda Black Elk professor, at Sittin Bull College.

What started out as a local fight against ‘the black snake’ has turned into a global community at Standing Rock, a community that is willing to take a lot of punches for the sake of the landscapes’ heritage and people and our common future, as proves this article in the Los Angeles Times.

Growing up with family and culture is essential for healingaboriginal-children

More than 15,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children will sleep away from their homes tonight… and without any major change, this figure will have doubled by 2035, thus shows a shocking report into Australian Child Protection Services. Larissa Behrendt talks about the inherent right and the mental and physical health benefits of children growing up with their families. Read more here.

” Feeling strong and proud of who you are, knowing that you are loved and nurtured by your family and your culture, has profound impacts on a child’s wellbeing, development and growth”,


Ever heard of the word ‘Digital Colonisation’? This article on the ABC News website tells us how the worlds’ first indigenous storytelling app was banned from being released in the iTunes appstore on the day of its release. Apple decided very last-minute that the ‘usefulness’ of the app was too limited.

The woman behind the app (Mikaela Jade) has this to say about it:

“The concept is to allow Indigenous peoples to share our stories in the digital economy in the way we want to share them, the app will hold 80,000 years of Indigenous scientific knowledge and law passed down through thousands of generations. What’s more compelling than Indigenous cultural knowledge systems in augmented reality in 3D?”