Indigenous Web Round-Up

Each week Sinchi shares some of the most interesting articles and news from the indigenous world. A mixture of old and new but all worth checking out.

Weekly Round Up – 23rd November 2016.

Uncontacted Yanomami Indians photographed

This week, indigenous rights organization Survival published photos of groups of Yanomami Indians in Brazil that have never been contacted or seen before. The photos show a typical Yanomami yano, a large communal house for several families. Each of the square sections of the yano is home to a different family, where they hang their hammocks, maintain fires, and keep food stores, the photos can be viewed here.


Survival’s Director Stephen Corry said:

“These extraordinary images are further proof of the existence of still more uncontacted tribes. They’re not savages but complex and contemporary societies whose rights must be respected.”



First indigenous ballerina in Australian ballet

First Australian indigenous ballerina Ella Havelka is the subject of a documentary that premiered in August and tells the storella-first-aboriginal-ballerinay of her rise to the pinnacle of Australian dance. Ella said she decided to participate in the film to inspire other young and aspiring aboriginal ballerinas:

“I don’t shy away from that trail blazer, role model (…) I feel like it’s a blessing to be in my position as well as a responsibility”…

Read more about Ella’s journey of becoming one of Australias leading dancers right here.


120 Indigenous languages spoken in Australia recorded to secure survival


Language and culture are so interwoven within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities that it is hard to imagine one surviving without the other. If you lose your language, you risk losing your culture, your oral history, your identity. In the words of Lizzie Marrkilyi Ellis:

“Aboriginal people also say that languages were put onto the land by Tjukurrpa (the Dreaming) beings, and that they are therefore linked to specific areas and not necessarily only to people themselves”

So what do you do when you want to make sure that these endangered languages remain intact? A possible solution that Lizzie came up with was to create an essay containing both photography AND audio-fragments of them. The result is a beautiful experiental piece of art called ‘Our country our voices.’ You can have a look at and listen to it right here.


Famous singer-songwriter Neil Young stands with Standing Rock

neil-young“There’s a battle raging on the sacred land.

Our brothers and sisters had to take a stand
against us now for what we’ve all been doin’.
On the sacred land, there’s a battle brewing.
I wish somebody would share the news.”

Neil Young’s 71st-birthday wish came true last weekend, among the water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Oceti Sakowin camp in North Dakota, as he gave the above lyrics a whole new meaning upon his visit there. Read more about that and the cause here.

Want to know how YOU can support? Look out on FB and the web for local events in your city to show your support and other actions you can take, by viewing here.