How a Lost City Brings About Recognition for the Wiwa

In our news update last week we took you to the Northern hills of Thailand, where the Kayan people have been living as economic refugees in guarded villages for over two decades, selling handicrafts and photo-ops to tourists who are fascinated by the so called ‘long-neck-women’. Without being granted an ID-card, the Kayan aren’t allowed […]

Indigenous hold Half of the Worlds’ Land (but own legal rights to a fraction of it)

Let’s kick off the new year with a few facts… We know that the worlds’ indigenous are our not so secret weapon to preserve forests and combat climate change. As of december 2017, cutting-edge geospatial geography, has made it possible to analyze exactly how big this impact is. LandMark is the first global platform to […]

How an ancient Japanese tribe reclaims its identity

Being one of the most literate and technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan is the only Asian country so far to belong to the first world. Contrary to many other developed countries, Japan still has a very homogenous population and a dominant cultural practice. According to Japanese studies, it is estimated that approximately 98% […]