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I-ref is a German media platform and business that offers a pioneers’ point of view into the modern world of food, culture, art, traveling and lifestyle from different angles – told to us through editorial content, photography, inspired recommendations for globetrotters and presented in a dynamic way. We want to document the progress of the [...] Continue Reading

Majestic Disorder Media

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Majestic disorder is an independent arts + culture print publication with the look and feel of a coffee table book. Our exclusive content is timelessly designed, creatively captured and journalistically written as it lives in the analog world. Through our printed pages we explore the myriad of global cultures and connect these stories to our [...] Continue Reading

Esteban Perroud

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Esteban Perroud was born in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 10th, 1984. In 2002, he studied Electro- acoustic Composition of Music at the National University of Quilmes. In 2009 Perroud finished his studies as Cinematographer at the Universidad del Cine (FUC). In 2006 he worked as a soundman for TV Channel 13 Polka, on [...] Continue Reading

Ronald Duikersloot

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Ronald Duikersloot (1979) is a classic example of a versatile contemporary artist with a socio-critical worldview. From professional graffiti artist, idealist, robot designer to flamethrower performer as DE WILDLASSER on alternative festivals, the concepts of Duikersloot are mainly ironic and something to remember. His motto is: Rule # 1: “There are no rules!” He’s shown [...] Continue Reading

Nika Feldman

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Nika Feldman is a self described rag picker/costume ethnographer and has worked as a contemporary textile artist for over fifteen years. The conceptual narratives behind her art focus on the connections between people, culture, clothing and identity. “Costume acts as the visual language of a culture, communicating on numerous levels a mass of information. I [...] Continue Reading


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Xapiri supports Amazonian indigenous culture by unifying ethical art, emotive photography and informative media. The vision is to increase awareness and inspire positive change. Through art, we can connect and learn from indigenous culture while supporting a sustainable fair-trade economy. The indigenous arts of the Amazon are varied, with each tribe having their own distinct [...] Continue Reading

Jimmy Nelson Foundation

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Jimmy Nelson (UK, 1967) started working as a photographer in 1987. Having spent 10 years at a Jesuit boarding school in the North of England, he set off on his own to traverse the length of Tibet on foot (1985). The journey lasted a year and upon his return his unique visual diary, featuring revealing images of a previously inaccessible Tibet, was published to wide international acclaim. Continue Reading