Tällberg Foundation

‘How on earth can we live together?’ Background The Tällberg Foundation, founded more than three decades ago, aims to provoke people to think differently about the global issues that are shaping their present and their future. We have offices in Stockholm and New York, but operate globally. For more than thirty years, the Foundation has […]


Pllek is an open-minded, surprising, warm and creative cultural hang-out that focuses on healthy living and sustainability. Pllek serves honest food – mostly organic – and cooks up an inspiring mix of music, movies, exhibitions, workshops, yoga, events for kids, mini-festivals and much more. Our programming is always focused on interconnection, (cultural) awareness and our shared world. […]


I dedicate my heart and soul to bring out the best in people; to become the inspiration the world needs today! I was called to serve as an Earthkeeper in everything I do. Stopping all previous initiatives to fully dedicate to this Earthkeepers call. Calling other Earthkeepers from all walks of life, building bridges between […]