Among the voodoo spirits

KIB (Kind in Benin/ Child in Benin) is a Dutch NGO supporting projects in Benin. Our most challenging project is to support the people of the Couffo district in Benin in their need to give an honest impression of their voodoo believe. In the western world voodoo is above all associated with mysterious rites and […]

Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins is a freelance documentary photojournalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Born and raised in rural Victoria, Australia, Chris travelled extensively internationally for six years before embarking on a photographic career. After graduating from college in 2010, Chris’ creative and intuitive eye for a story saw him hired by one of Australia’s largest daily newspapers; […]

Impact Journey

Why we do it? Impact Journey was founded on the urgency and necessity of social and environmental change to combat (rising) inequality, exploitation, climate change and to overcome the huge misunderstanding and misrepresentation of ‘the other’. In the global North the perception of extreme poverty, hunger and misery still prevails when thinking about developing countries. […]

Makawatu Media

Makawatu is a media house based in East Africa specialised in wildlife & tribal peoples, inspiring & informing others through high end visual creations, film & photography. We use our expertise in film and photography to give worthy stories a voice. We accurately document disappearing culture & traditions for historical reference. Make films in local […]

Native Hope

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization that exists to empower a young generation of Native Americans through programs that provide education, protect at-risk youth, and honor cultural heritage. Our Values: We respect culture by offering support to mend issues on reservations and preserving the traditions of each tribe. We take bold action to inspire success when addressing the […]


I-ref is a German media platform and business that offers a pioneers’ point of view into the modern world of food, culture, art, traveling and lifestyle from different angles – told to us through editorial content, photography, inspired recommendations for globetrotters and presented in a dynamic way. We want to document the progress of the […]

他者 Others

Founded in 2016 in Shanghai, China. OTHERS is part of a media company that focus on tribal culture, arts and humanities. We believe indigenous culture and their ancient wisdom can help those who live in the industrial society. The later often feel disconnected with nature, and this brings lots of problems. Native people on the […]