Fábio Nascimento

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Fábio Nascimento is dedicated to his passions: photography, film and music. In all three of them, he is fully committed, body and soul, to his storytelling mission. Be it through journalistic and documentary film and photography, cinematography, editing, sound or composition. Stories unite many worlds, they must be told, they should be heard. Photos and [...] Continue Reading

Sounds & Colours Magazine

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Sounds and Colours is a South American music and culture magazine exploring the sheer wonderment of the Latin American world. It’s a guide for anyone interested in South American culture whether you’ve never even stepped foot in the region or have lived there your whole life – we hope to have a little something for [...] Continue Reading


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Xapiri supports Amazonian indigenous culture by unifying ethical art, emotive photography and informative media. The vision is to increase awareness and inspire positive change. Through art, we can connect and learn from indigenous culture while supporting a sustainable fair-trade economy. The indigenous arts of the Amazon are varied, with each tribe having their own distinct [...] Continue Reading