The Snow Goose

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The Snow Goose has a well established reputation for excellence and authenticity in the presentation of Canadian and First Nations Arts and Crafts from the East coast to the West coast and across Northern Canada.

Historica Canada

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At Historica Canada, we build awareness of Canadian history and citizenship. Our programs reach more than 10 million Canadians annually, which makes us the largest independent organization of our kind. While our headquarters are in Toronto, we also operate the Ottawa-based Encounters With Canada program. Our staff travels coast to coast to coast to meet [...] Continue Reading

Beyond Connections/ Converging Pathways Consultancy

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Converging Pathways and Beyond Connections have partnered to form a unique approach to engagement and development of individuals and teams.  Igniting and electrifying rooms globally on creating a movement of inclusion and respect through story, experience and truth.  It is not just about engaging participants but creating a movement that outreaches and engages with a [...] Continue Reading


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  When RAVEN was formed in 2009, it was because the original board recognized the need to redress an inherent imbalance. To obtain justice in the courts for Canada’s First Nations in their struggle to protect rights and lands native leaders, advocates and their legal teams almost always face overwhelming odds when going against the [...] Continue Reading

Nika Feldman

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Nika Feldman is a self described rag picker/costume ethnographer and has worked as a contemporary textile artist for over fifteen years. The conceptual narratives behind her art focus on the connections between people, culture, clothing and identity. “Costume acts as the visual language of a culture, communicating on numerous levels a mass of information. I [...] Continue Reading