JP Soul

JP Soul is a DJ/Producer from San Francisco most known for his prolific streak of productions on his label Roam Recordings and his energetic and creative DJ sets. A long time staple of the San Francisco dance music community JP Soul plays regularly for some of SF’s more discerning clubs and promoters such as Sunset Sound System, Housepitality, Monarch, The Great Northern, Mighty, and The Top/Underground SF among others. As the boss of Roam Recordings he has released music from some top artists from the West Coast such as Tone of Arc, 40 Thieves, and Anthony Mansfield along with international artists Tronik Youth, Lokier, Ray Mang, Pezzner, Wolf+Lamb, and many others. Though a seasoned dj and producer who has been releasing music since 2001 (and djing for far longer), JP Soul is really hitting his stride now with a slew of forward thinking dance music coming out regularly along with an ever growing number of noteworthy dj performances.

Roam Recordings were established in 2001 featuring some of the most forward thinking producers to hail from the Bay Area. Once a small local label Roam Recordings has grown with the world of dance music to become an international crew of diverse producers. They can’t be defined by a particular sound; roaming from disco jams, chug, deep house and anything in between with ease.