Kaya Volunteer

Kaya’s mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel. At Kaya, we take our claims of responsible travel very seriously. There are many issues to consider within the scope of traveling, volunteering and studying in the developing world. Many of these issues […]

Majestic Disorder Media

Majestic disorder is an independent arts + culture print publication with the look and feel of a coffee table book. Our exclusive content is timelessly designed, creatively captured and journalistically written as it lives in the analog world. Through our printed pages we explore the myriad of global cultures and connect these stories to our […]


Fern is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and a Dutch Stichting created in 1995 to keep track of the European Union’s involvement in forests and coordinate NGO activities at the European level. Our work centres on forests and forest peoples’ rights and the issues that affect them such as trade and investment and climate change. All […]