Indigenous Web Round-up

Each week Sinchi shares indigenous news, stories and media from around the world our weekly round-up.
With a focus on arts & culture and promoting the strength of indigenous knowledge. We also introduce new members who have joined our global collaboration network.
This week, we’re happy to feature:

Dedicated group of East Arnhem Land individuals who believe in making a difference; Why Warriors.

Curacao-based artist Giovani Zanolino, who aims to create art in a state of communion with his instincts, simply letting the hands doing their work.

Independent non-profit with the sole purpose of improving the lives of Indigenous Australians through media-outlets ICTV.

Check out all our members here and contact us at if you are interested in joining.

 The Space In Between

Famous performance artist Marina Abramovic understands the importance of tribal knowledge and the values of connecting with oneself and everything around. In her new artwork The Space In Between, Marina (being 70 years of age) gives us a very personal insight into her life-changing experiences living with Brazilian tribal communities and their emotional impact on her life.

When asked by Vice why she decided to make this journey into a piece of art she replied: I’m exploring the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind. Everything, for me, is about being curious and about seeing, never thinking inside of the box.’

Read the full article here and/or watch the full documentary on Vimeo.

 Canadian Metis artist collaborates with fashion powerhouse Valentino

When Metis artist Christi Belcourt first received an email from Italian fashion label Valentino, she threw it away thinking it was spam. According to her own words, the co-operation was so far away from her usual line of work that she never thought of the possibility, especially since she stays away from art-academies and regards her work mostly an act of indigenous activism and a celebration of her spiritual identity.

Valentino turned out to be mostly interested in her painting ‘Watersong’, which is about the sacredness of water. So in this respect, Belcourt did some research into the labels’ ethical background. Read more about the outcome and this respectful collaboration over here.

Sinchi recently launched a new photo journal series featuring stories from our community around the world.

Project – Speak Life

Location: Dagwardey Garissa County, North East Kenya

Photographer Abdislam Osman:

A few months ago, I travelled together with a few of my colleagues to a remote nomadic village in Garissa County, personally it has been a very educational trip, unfortunately the things that I have witnessed though and the village stories have been heartbreaking… issues ranging from early marriages to lack of basic necessities. Life in the hot scorching sun and terrains of North Eastern Kenya, for a city person is unbearable but on a personal note, I fell in love with the smiles of the children… despite them not knowing exactly what the future holds.