Happinez Magazine

“We look at the world with a beginners mind. There are many roads to authentic and sustainable happiness. Will you join us on that journey?” — MARIJE DE JONG, EDITOR IN CHIEF Happinez is the first mindstyle magazine, founded in 2003. A magazine for people who are interested in giving meaning to their life, in combination with […]


Novalis is an investigative platform for science, art, and ecology. Based in the SE Peruvian Amazon, our goal is to continue preservation initiatives on 2,000 hectares of primary rainforest, and provide a home-base for rainforest experiences, community-building, and research relating to conservation, preservation, art & design, and indigenous knowledge. ​We welcome private groups, individuals, and universities […]

Planete Urgence

In the space of a few years, solidarity has undergone a great many changes. Today, a wide range of initiatives are being implemented in developing countries: cooperatives, local associations, social entrepreneurs, producers’ organisations, etc. There are large numbers of stakeholders working on a daily basis to promote essential services for their local communities and help […]

Native Hope

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization that exists to empower a young generation of Native Americans through programs that provide education, protect at-risk youth, and honor cultural heritage. Our Values: We respect culture by offering support to mend issues on reservations and preserving the traditions of each tribe. We take bold action to inspire success when addressing the […]

Indigenous Education Foundation

IEF aim is to prevent long-term poverty amongst displaced Indigenous peoples by empowering their development of educational solutions based around the preservation and utilisation of cultural knowledge, customs, and their local environment. To ensure our programs are successfully designed, developed, implemented and maintained by the local Indigenous community, IEF focuses its strategy on community research, […]

Caat Projects

By collaborating with local initiatives that look to empower vulnerable communities (or groups), CAAT projects aims to bring creative and sustainable methods that help them realise their full potential. We promote: – Art, multiculturalism and diversity; – Resilience and integration of vulnerable groups; – Creative and sustainable solutions. We organize several events within the EU […]


I-ref is a German media platform and business that offers a pioneers’ point of view into the modern world of food, culture, art, traveling and lifestyle from different angles – told to us through editorial content, photography, inspired recommendations for globetrotters and presented in a dynamic way. We want to document the progress of the […]