Happinez Magazine

“We look at the world with a beginners mind. There are many roads to authentic and sustainable happiness. Will you join us on that journey?” — MARIJE DE JONG, EDITOR IN CHIEF Happinez is the first mindstyle magazine, founded in 2003. A magazine for people who are interested in giving meaning to their life, in combination with […]


I-ref is a German media platform and business that offers a pioneers’ point of view into the modern world of food, culture, art, traveling and lifestyle from different angles – told to us through editorial content, photography, inspired recommendations for globetrotters and presented in a dynamic way. We want to document the progress of the […]

Majestic Disorder Media

Majestic disorder is an independent arts + culture print publication with the look and feel of a coffee table book. Our exclusive content is timelessly designed, creatively captured and journalistically written as it lives in the analog world. Through our printed pages we explore the myriad of global cultures and connect these stories to our […]

Sounds & Colours Magazine

Sounds and Colours is a South American music and culture magazine exploring the sheer wonderment of the Latin American world. It’s a guide for anyone interested in South American culture whether you’ve never even stepped foot in the region or have lived there your whole life – we hope to have a little something for […]


Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) is an independent, not for profit organisation. Our Core purpose is to improve the lives of Indigenous Australian through the creation of media distribution outlets that enable the active sharing of stories, culture, language and the provision of essential information. Each year, as more of our elders pass away, ICTV plays […]

Let’s Explore Magazine

Let’s Explore is a platform of curated inspiration; exploring the inspiring stories and travels of people who then create quality brands, products, food, magazines and design. Not interested in the marketing pitch, but rather in the ‘why’. The Online Features are medium-length magazine reviews, photo essay’s, written essay’s, interviews and stories. This medium-form content is […]