Down to Earth

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Leaving the rat race behind, a family of five embarks on the journey of a lifetime and made a documentary about it. They travel the ends of the earth searching for a new perspective on life. During five years on six continents they seek out tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before. DOWN to EARTH [...] Continue Reading

Kaya Volunteer

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Kaya’s mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel. At Kaya, we take our claims of responsible travel very seriously. There are many issues to consider within the scope of traveling, volunteering and studying in the developing world. Many of these issues [...] Continue Reading

Mama Tierra

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Mama Tierra is a non-profit organization that supports indigenous communities in their quest for self-determination, human rights and protection of natural resources. We focus mostly on indigenous women because they carry the biggest responsibility within their communities, they play a vital role for the well-being of their families and the care-taking of the children, the [...] Continue Reading


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Greenoxx is a non-governmental organization dedicated to combat climate change, an integrant of the Ammando Foundation in Dublin, Ireland, formed by more than 1800 nonprofits worldwide, and a member of the GEF CSO Network dedicated to safeguard the global environment and promote sustainable development. In 2012, Greenoxx launched The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD project, [...] Continue Reading

Alianza Arkana

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Through establishing grassroots alliances with indigenous and international organizations, strengthening stewardship of vital ecosystems, honoring ancestral wisdom in the creation and application of sustainable development practices, preserving cultural identity and traditions through true intercultural education, and standing in solidarity with our allies for environmental and social justice, we will ensure a clean, just, and sustainable [...] Continue Reading


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Xapiri supports Amazonian indigenous culture by unifying ethical art, emotive photography and informative media. The vision is to increase awareness and inspire positive change. Through art, we can connect and learn from indigenous culture while supporting a sustainable fair-trade economy. The indigenous arts of the Amazon are varied, with each tribe having their own distinct [...] Continue Reading

Why Warriors

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We are a committed group of Balanda (mainstream) and Yolngu (East Arnhem Land Aboriginal) individuals who believe in making a difference. We partner together to bring locally controlled change, as well as opportunities for cultures to understand each other. Why Warriors co-founder Richard Trudgen wrote the seminal book “Why Warriors Lie Down And Die”, a [...] Continue Reading

Wayne Quilliam

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Adjunct Professor Wayne Quilliam is one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous photographers/artist/curators/videographers and cultural advisers working at a local, national and international level. His award winning career includes the coveted National NAIDOC Indigenous Artist of the Year, nominated as a Master of Photography by National Geographic, winner of Business of the Year for the Australian [...] Continue Reading