ABCD Agency

* Awareness  * Credibility * Branding *

ABCD is a young PR Agency based in Berlin committed to the above 3 pillars through SEO, public relations and content creation:

We are committed to providing a transparent performance-based PR service with one goal in mind: to increase brand awareness and scale your online visibility.

At ABCD, we understand the science of building a reputation for your brand. Our team possesses a deep knowledge of how to commission great content and promote your brand in the media.

Our clients consist of both startups and established companies. We understand how vital press exposure is in gaining online traction, and our team boasts a proven track record of obtaining targeted coverage in the world’s most influential media outlets.

We help companies of all sizes scale their digital position via the use of viral PR. Our passion for great content goes beyond online visibility and into the mind of the consumer, where we understand how to position your brand so it stands out, as well as standing for something meaningful. We possess the skills to combine data with clever storytelling in order to generate brand trust and SEO growth.