Beyond Connections Consultancy

Converging Pathways and Beyond Connections have partnered to form a unique approach to engagement and development of individuals and teams.  Igniting and electrifying rooms globally on creating a movement of inclusion and respect through story, experience and truth.  It is not just about engaging participants but creating a movement that outreaches and engages with a programmatic approach. BCC and CPC do not ask decision makers to take the action plan away and make change, rather, they ask decision makers to walk beside them and work together to improve the circumstances of their lives and the path going forward.  They have a keen ability to build successful relationships, creating a culture of inclusion that fosters a sense of belonging.

With a collective experience and a unique team of diverse leaders as well as a proven track record deploying transformational change, facilitating, navigating, and understanding how to execute engaging and rewarding sessions globally with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous gatherings.  They provide the certainty required to ensure that the ultimate goal of Indigenous issues and providing knowledge and awareness to the leadership globally in engagement and communication support are realized.

Their approach is fun, engaging, relevant, multi- cultural and ignites individuals with energy to create a movement of change. CPC and BCC use a structured, collaborative approach in a safe space to provide individuals the education and supports to build successful relationships.  They have developed the successful YOU Rock Challenge that educates, inspires and motivates all in attendance to recognize the strength in difference and build inclusive, respectful relationships amongst one another.  This team will provide a successful engagement to provide a means for continued communication with opportunity for frequent input and feedback.  You will not be disappointed to engage with this team!