I dedicate my heart and soul to bring out the best in people; to become the inspiration the world needs today!

I was called to serve as an Earthkeeper in everything I do. Stopping all previous initiatives to fully dedicate to this Earthkeepers call. Calling other Earthkeepers from all walks of life, building bridges between generations and cultures. And re-connecting individual people and groups with nature to uncover their own true nature. To inspire others to the same mission, to live up to that name in their own unique ways.

My mission is to bring the profound Earthkeepers message into the world, through the healing art of film and photography, inspirational talks, transmedia storytelling and personal development in primal nature; tailor-made Earthkeepers retreats and trainings.

“When you are called as an Earthkeeper, that means that you are ready to step into your true purpose as a human being.”

My true purpose as an Earthkeeper artist and visionary guide, is to serve as the inspiration to reawaken our true human purpose on earth, with the potential to liberate us all. Instilling more and more magic and beauty into peoples lives, to open our hearts and raise our vibration.

If you want to learn more about my offers, or step in my presence, you can meet me during an Earthkeepers inspirational talk in your area. To book me for a talk, please contact me.

At this moment I am based in Ibiza where you can schedule my quality time for a unique and exclusive Soul Photography session on breathtaking locations. For more info please get in touch.

If you want to develop your gift as an Earthkeeper come and join the next Earthkeepers retreat.


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