Iron Yogis

 “Iron is full of impurities that weaken it, through forging it becomes steel.” Sensei Ueshiba.

What is Iron Yogis?

Iron Yogis is a practice of breathing, living, exploring and sharing life experiences that offers a mentoring experience within diverse communities.  Through music, the meditative practices of Qi Gong and Yoga, we share our understanding of balanced living. The practice works within a physical, mental and spiritual space while utilising music as a bridge to connect understanding. It is an enrichment program that respects all cultural beliefs and backgrounds.

The platform also offers other practitioners of movement a way to share their knowledge and experiences with the world around them.  We will be looking to sponsor and teach others the philosophy and physical practice of Iron Yogis.  Through this, we are hoping to create a network of teachers from many cultural backgrounds who can make a positive difference in their own communities and those they visit.

The ‘Sound Sanctuary’ project

We are taking a 1987 Toyota RV and transforming it into a mobile “Sound Sanctuary,” which will be a sacred space for people to enter and experience the powerful vibrations of sound.  The “Sound Sanctuary” will be Iron Yogis’ way of “Bringing Wellness to Life.” We are designing a simple space that will give people the ability to relax and share an experience through live music, breath work and some light movements. The “Sound Sanctuary” will also act as a space for other practitioners, mystics, shamans, native elders and spiritualists to meet and share ideas, stories and music.

With the respect and permission of those who participate, we will be recording their stories and songs which can then be shared with the the public through film and audio. To further stimulate the imagination, we will also be making field recordings along the way, which will be used to create a more ethereal sound experience.  We already own the vehicle and are now in the process of choosing a funding platform to finance the vision. To sample some of the Sound Journeys we have already recorded, you can visit our Soundcloud page here . We look to begin building the “Sound Sanctuary” within the coming months and getting on the road to share this experience in Spring, 2017.

If you are interested in supporting or would be like to bring the Sound Sanctuary in to your community, please get in touch at

For further information about Iron Gump, the founder of Iron Yogi’s you can read here