Katharina Louise

I grew up closely connected with art and culture, learning the value of asking questions, observing and standing up for the right cause. The last three years I have spent traveling around the world, mainly North- Central- South America and Asia, learning about shamanism, yoga & meditation. I have tried to capture and document a lot of the beauty and profoundness of human moments, nature & culture. This last year I have also filmed a ( more personal ) documentary about shamanism in Peru called  “journey to the unknown”, where I interviewed a shaman, an indigenous woman from the Shipibo tribe. More recently, I travelled  to Standing Rock in North Dakota, United States, to film the Protest of the Native American People of North America, against an oil pipeline that is threatening their water resources.

In 2017, I am planning to go to the North of India to make a documentary about the Tibetan people that have been forced to leave their country and whose culture is being destroyed. I want to continue documenting the life and traditions of indigenous culture and third world populations, both in showing the beauty of the communities and people, as well as displaying what is happening in the world to create honest portrayals of humanity and the many wonders and spectacles of the world we inhabit.