Let’s Explore Magazine

Let’s Explore is a platform of curated inspiration; exploring the inspiring stories and travels of people who then create quality brands, products, food, magazines and design. Not interested in the marketing pitch, but rather in the ‘why’.

The Online Features are medium-length magazine reviews, photo essay’s, written essay’s, interviews and stories. This medium-form content is the result of what you can find in the Journal. The Journal is a short-form database of anything that triggers the curators’ inspiration. You will find: tweets, spreadshots, quotes, magazine covers, videos, inspiring magazines, events and projects, etc..

Ultimately, the final curation and creation will be published as a printed Magazine containing in depth explorations of the surfaces that have been scratched by the journal and features.

“Collaborating with storytellers from across the globe, to create and publish stories online and in print; about inspiring people, projects, places, brands & ideas.”

Let’s Explore Magazine
This when-ready, themed publication launched in 2015, after a successful digital launch in 2014. Issue LEM00 was themed BeLongIng and issue LEM01 is themed Crossroads. Each issue is filled with 20+ stories by contributors from all corners of the globe. They share their take on the particular theme, and the stories are curated in a 176 page, photography heavy, gorgeously designed, high quality, collectable beauty.

Let’s Explore Publishers
LEP is the freelance creative agency –  Started simultaneously with the inaugural issue – which is all about helping others getting their story out into the world, in a medium that suits their story best. Depending on the story, this can be a magazine, a book or a website. No matter what the medium of choice will be, the story is leading. Together with the artist, brand or storyteller, we will work towards their dream product. Let’s Explore Magazine, in that sense, is my proof of concept.