Ronald Duikersloot

Ronald Duikersloot (1979) is a classic example of a versatile contemporary artist with a socio-critical worldview. From professional graffiti artist, idealist, robot designer to flamethrower performer as DE WILDLASSER on alternative festivals, the concepts of Duikersloot are mainly ironic and something to remember. His motto is: Rule # 1: “There are no rules!”

He’s shown his (often political) paintings and scrapped metal made robots on various exhibitions, mostly created in his studio AtelierRD in Haarlem and Ibiza. His own company Spray-Art, which was founded in 2006, gave him the opportunity to create international wall paintings for foundations, charities and commercial campaigns and so created a network of various companies in different countries. Nowadays he’s an active Burner and done the Art and Themecamp Lead at Where the Sheep Sleep (the first Burning Man NL) and every year he brings in new burners and builds a full Themecamp called Walhalla at AfrikaBurn.