Lifelong spiritual bond between the Kazakh eagle hunter and his golden bird

Maybe western animal rights activists would protest against the practice of Kazakh Eagle hunting, but try arguing with a Mongolion hunter who’s upholding his ancestors’ thousands of years old tradition that he is treating his eagle poorly, or is needlessly hunting down small prey. The Kazakh Eagle hunter, or berkutchi, is proud of his eagle, […]

Papua New Guinea and the myth of the living fossil

What exactly is ‘an ancient tribe’? One could associate it with some very far off, extraordinary and distant past, a civilization which is either very old or very dead. Maybe the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea would seem like such an oddity, such a far removed and utterly romanticized tribal community, but contrary to […]

One of the most sparsely populated areas in the world inhabits 40 different tribes

Siberia is an extensive geographical region, but it is also one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world. Accounting for almost 78% of Russia’s land area, it only inhabits 40 million people across 13.1 million square metres. Russia recognizes 40 different indigenous peoples living in Siberia, which range from the Evenki, whose population is spread […]

Bohurupee. Bengal folk art bridges gap between rich and poor

Not much unlike travelling salesman Gregor Samsa finds himself transformed into a giant insect in Kafka’s well known novel The Metamorphosis, Bohurupee actors in West Bengal (India) have transformed themselves into deities and demons for many centuries; but not just for the entertainment of often frequented villagers along their path. Bohurupee are members of a tribe […]

Maasai girls receive education as an alternative to traditional circumcision

“Extinguish the Light of FGM -female genital mutilation-. Kindle the light of education.” is the phrase chanted by girls of a Maasai community in Magadi, southern Kenya. Female circumcision in Maasai and Samburu culture marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood, it is said to prepare her for being a good wife and mother. However, […]

Worlds’ longest living civilization spreads 65,000 year old story about the creation of stars

Within the beliefsystem of Aboriginal Australians, a songline, also called dreamtrack, is one of the paths across the land or sky which follow the route taken by so called creator beings during the creation of this world. The paths and landmarks along the way have since been narrated through song, dance and painting. When singing […]

Sinchi February 18 Update

Every month we share indigenous news, stories and media from around the world in our round-up. With a focus on arts, culture & promoting the strength of indigenous knowledge. We also introduce new members who have joined our global collaboration network. This month, we’re happy to feature: Mission Lifeforce, re-alligning law to protect the earth […]