Photography Competition

‘Celebrating the strength of indigenous culture’

The competition is now closed

Competition Overview

Sinchi’s  inaugural photography competition provide a unique opportunity for visual story tellers around the world to be recognised  for their talent and commitment to the preservation of culture and indigenous rights. The competition will be judged by world acclaimed photographers Jimmy Nelson, Wayne Quilliam and Laura Beltran Villamizar of the Native Agency.

The aim of the competition is to celebrate the strength and beauty of indigenous culture through visual storytelling. This can be inspired by many things from activism, relationship to nature, spirituality, community, everyday life to art, music and cultural practice. 

Participants are invited to submit up to 6 photos with accompanying captions and welcome submissions from both remote and urban indigenous communities.

The challenge is for all of us to care enough about what lies outside our own world, so we can recover what is nearly lost…


ENTRY (Entrance extended to 30th June)

The final deadline for submissions is the 30th June. Any entrant under 18 years must have the permission from their legal Guardian.

The cost is 10 euros per submission which can include up 6 photos in a series or as part of a story. If you would like to submit but the cost is prohibitive, please e-mail us at and explain your circumstances and we would be happy to consider complimentary entry as this is an inclusive competition.

Winners will be announced on the 15th August, 2017.

The competition is now closed
Frequently Asked Questions


Our distinguished jury will select an overall competition winner, 3 x runners up and also award an Artistic Merit Award (for the best individual photo). The prizes will be as follows;

Overall Winner  – 1000 euros / Jimmy Nelson Online Talk or Workshop  / Native Agency Portfolio Review / Press Exposure / Featured on Website and Social media / Work shown in Amsterdam Gallery / Prints made available online (subject to agreement of the photographer).

Runner Ups – 200 euros / Press Exposure / Featured on Website and Social media / Work shown in Amsterdam Gallery.

Artistic Merit – 300 euros / Wayne Quilliam Online Talk or Workshop / Native Portfolio Review  / Press Exposure / Featured on Website and Social media / Work shown in Amsterdam Gallery / Prints made available online (subject to agreement of the photographer).

Meet the Judges

Wayne Quilliam

A.Professor Wayne Quilliam continues to document his people and culture as he expands his 25 year journey of photography and videography. He is a highly respected Australian Aboriginal photographic artist exploring and testing the boundaries of his culture and art. Winner of numerous local, national and international awards A.Professor Quilliam challenges the perception of an Indigenous artist and the preconceived connotations it encompasses.

“My art comes from within but is shaped and influenced from the experiences of being ‘on country’. I am privileged as a professional photographer to work in urban, rural and remote area’s throughout the world which creates many opportunities as an artist”.

Laura Beltrán

Native Agency

Laura is an independent photo editor and curator from Bogotá, Colombia. She’s the co-founder of Native, an agency and collective focused on Latin American and African visual talent.

She was previously editor at World Press Photo and associate photo editor for Revolve Magazine where she oversaw long-term features, international commissions for print and online, and curated the magazine’s emphasis on visual storytelling. Her life mission has always been to curate, promote and support the work of up and coming visual journalists from underrepresented regions and to take action against the lack of diversity in the media. Laura currently lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Photo © Jitske Nap

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson (UK, 1967) started working as a photographer in 1987.  In 2010 he began his journey to create the iconic artistic document that became “Before They pass Away”. After visiting 35 chosen Indigenous communities, part 1 was published to International acclaim at the beginning of 2014. Jimmy received many awards.His  ambition and mission is to make an iconic document of indigenous cultures and to leave a visual heritage for present and future generations. He wants to create an aesthetic photographic and film document that will stand the test of time. His work will be a catalyst for further discussion as to the authenticity and beauty of these fragile disappearing cultures.